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How Focus By TeenDrive Prevents Texting While Driving

The majority of teens understand how dangerous it is to text and drive. However, the risk of getting into a crash rarely stops teens from doing it. In fact, a recent study showed that 97% of teens acknowledge that texting and driving is dangerous, but 43% admit to still doing it anyways.

Teens increase their risk of getting into a crash by about 400% whenever they choose to use their smartphone while driving. This statistic is not something that parents should ignore. If teens will not put their smartphones down willingly, it’s up to parents to step up to the plate and prevent their teens from driving while distracted. But, how?

How Existing Technology Fails to Address the Problem

There are a number of apps and subscriptions that claim to prevent distracted driving. But, they are far from perfect. For example, certain apps will block a teen’s access from their device so they cannot send texts, browse the web, or use social media. However, the app doesn’t actually work unless the teen driver activates this feature. This means parents would need to trust their teens to actually turn the app on and off on their own.

This isn’t the only problem with the technology that exists today. The majority of distracted driving apps currently on the market will block access to all of the apps on a device. Blocking social media and messaging apps is important, but there are certain apps that a teen driver may need to access in the event of emergencies. For example, if your teen makes a wrong turn and isn’t sure how to get home, he will need Google or Apple maps for driving directions.

Flaws like these make some apps ineffective in preventing crashes. But recently, technology has been introduced that aims to address the limitations of the existing distracted driving apps. Focus By TeenDrive is an innovative technology that eliminates distractions and forces your teen to focus solely on the road while behind the wheel.

Focus By TeenDrive

What Does Focus By TeenDrive Do?

Focus By TeenDrive prevents drivers from accessing distracting apps and notifications like Facebook or Snapchat on his device while he is driving.. However, Focus by TeenDrive still allows your teen to place or receive calls so you can get in touch with him in the event of an emergency. It also allows your teen to access the map and popular music apps, which are must-haves while behind the wheel.

How Focus By TeenDrive Prevents Texting While Driving

Usually, features such as iOS’s Do Not Disturb must be activated manually whenever your teen gets behind the wheel. That’s not the case with Focus By TeenDrive. Using a driving beacon, which is a small Bluetooth device, Focus by TeenDrive is automatically activated once your teen is in the car. The driving beacon goes on the dashboard or in the center console of your family or teen’s car, communicating with your teen’s device and automatically activating Focus By TeenDrive whenever it detects your teen’s phone nearby.

The best part? Focus by TeenDrive not only prevents bad behavior, it also allows parents to learn more about their teens driving habits.

Parents receive reports that contain an overview of their child’s driving history using Focus By TeenDrive. These reports allow parents to stay in the know so they can identify issues that need to be addressed right after they happen and before a fatal error. Plus, Focus is compatible with all types of vehicles and Apple smartphones.

Parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that Focus By TeenDrive has solved the glaring issues that distracted driving apps failed to address. Sign up for Focus by TeenDrive today so you can ensure your teens are focused on the road while they’re behind the wheel!